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PhantomBidder is an eBay bidding service that lets you:
    Win eBay Auctions with the Best Price
    Win 1 item out of a Group of Auctions
    Win while you Sleep and your computer is turned off

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PhantomBidder utilizes "Internet Agents" to bid on your behalf. Tell your personal "Agent" the item you want and how much you are willing to pay for it, and sit back and relax. PhantomBidder will help you win that auction at the best price by placing your bid right before the auction ends. PhantomBidder frees you and your computer from having to "watch" for the end of the auction, PhantomBidder will do the watching FOR YOU. And don't worry about being outbid. PhantomBidder will notify you by email when your maximum bid price is no longer sufficient to win the Auction so that you have time to increase your bid amount or delete the bid. With features like bid notification, bid groups, and easy feedback submission, there is no wonder that PhantomBidder is the #1 bidding agent on the web. PhantomBidder works with all international eBay sites (except Korea), and eBay Motors.

PhantomBidder Highlights:
  • FREE Registration with Unlimited bids for 2 WEEKS!
  • Supports an unlimited number of Bids on any international eBay site (except Korea) and eBay Motors!
  • Dedicated Servers with High-Speed Internet Connection so your computer doesn't need to be on!
  • Bid as close as 3 seconds before the end of the auction!
  • Receive notification when your scheduled bid is no longer sufficient to win the auction!
  • Bid Groups work great to win one out of a group of auctions!
  • Leave Feedback to the auctions that you win directly from PhantomBidder!
  • View the auction ending dates in your local time zone!
  • Fixed Price! Stop paying a percentage of the winning price! Pay a fixed price only for the auctions you WIN, no matter what they cost.
    1 WIN = 1 BID CREDIT!
    - OR -
    Subscribe for an Unlimited number of Bids!

* WARNING: PhantomBidder cannot guarantee that you will win every auction. There are many variables out of our control that can cause you to lose an auction, primarily your bid price and other general Internet and eBay availability issues.

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